NETworX is a movement to measurably reduce poverty at its holistic core, not through well-doing for others, but through well-being together. NETworX is individuals and communities seeking together to build intentional relationships though education and love of neighbor as well as love of self.

NETworX for Hope, Anson County, North Carolina

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Who is an Ally?"

An Ally is an individual working with Champions to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

NETworX allies are individuals who participate in the program by going through the 15-week training class with Champions and then join a support network to journey together toward individul goals. Allies are not mentors or coaches; allies are friends who can use their knnowledge and resources to provide needed conections.

Although Allies are there to support Champions, the program is built on the belief that all will gain from participation. NETworX believes that any great change begins with the transformation of one heart: our own. So, the hardest part for most of those involved in NETworX is letting go of preconceived ideas: what it means to be poor and why people are poor; facing one's own fears about poverty; and recognizing the poverty in our own life.