NETworX is a movement to measurably reduce poverty at its holistic core, not through well-doing for others, but through well-being together. NETworX is individuals and communities seeking together to build intentional relationships though education and love of neighbor as well as love of self.

NETworX for Hope, Anson County, North Carolina

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Who is a Champion of Change?"

A Champion of Change is an individual who wants to improve his/her life and make changes to move toward greater well-being.

NETworX offers an opportunity for indivudals known as Champions to develop a personal life plan by attending a 15-week trainng session. In this traininng program, participants assess their strengths and resources (financial, educational, spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, social, etc.) and identify areas they want wnt to improve. They receive tools to prepare them to set life goals and are invited to be a part of a support network that works together with the Champion to reach those goals. In return, Champions are a part of a network seeking to identify and address challenges in our community and work to bring about positive change.

To be a Champion you must:

  • have a strong desire to work to make changes in your life
  • have a commitment to attend weekly meetings for the 15-week training class and stay involved for 12-18 months following graduation to work toward your goals
  • be willing to be part of a team and encourage other participants to reach their goals
  • be willing to build intentional, mutual relationships across class and cultural lines
  • not be actively abusing drugs or alcohol
  • have a household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level