NETworX is a movement to measurably reduce poverty at its holistic core, not through well-doing for others, but through well-being together. NETworX is individuals and communities seeking together to build intentional relationships though education and love of neighbor as well as love of self.

NETworX for Hope, Anson County, North Carolina

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Photo Gallery

The first NETworX class graduated July 20, 2017. Rev. Dr. Sarah Kalish, center, awards certificates to Linda Gaddy, left, and Brenna Kablick.

Becky Dill, class facilitator, introduces the proud graduates.

Rev. Dr. Sarah Kalish, Linda Gaddy, Becky Dill, and Brenna Kablick.

Celebrating graduation with a covered dish dinner.

Becky Dill (left) leads NETworX's first class in a self-discovery exercise. At the table are Champions and Allies.

John Merek (standing), Anson Economic Development Partnership Director, tells NETworX Champions and Allies about resources in Anson County.

A NETworX meeting with Champions, Allies, area pastors, and county officials.

Informational meeting with (from left) Rev. Dr. Sarah Kalish, pastor of First United Methodist Church; Rev. Dr. Alan Rice, founding director of NETworX USA; Rev. Norma Villagrana, administrator of Anson NETworX; and Crystal Imes, leader of NETworX Kids.